The Traffic Jacking Code Review

The Traffic Jacking CodeLet me start right off by stating that using The Traffic Jacking Code as taught by Paul Birdsall is a legitimate way to make money online and in this review I’ll tell you what it is all about, what’s good about it and what’s bad about it including my final recommendation.  Click here if you want to visit The Traffic Jacking Code website!


What exactly is The Traffic Jacking Code?


It’s a simple WordPress mini-site and Affiliate Marketing training course that focuses on using the product launch jacking strategy to either make ongoing money online and/or to generate free targeted traffic to another business opportunity of your choice.


Product Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of the buzz and traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch to earn affiliate commissions off of that product or a similar one you wish to promote to earn income.  And trust me, it works like magic when done right like what Paul Birdsall is teaching in The Traffic Jacking Code.


Included in the program is a complete training package with a downloadable manual, several how to videos showing you EXACTLY step by step through the website (and SEO) creation process.  All of the video tutorials include Paul Birdsall himself walking you through the formula that will achieve first page Google page rank and endless free traffic to your affiliate link, or to anywhere you want it to go.


Video TrainingThere are also live (and recorded) webinar’s every week for members to attend.  These webinars are designed to keep members up to date with new techniques Paul Birdsall himself are testing that.  There is also a question and answer period. He will even critique websites live on the webinar if someone wants some recommendations on how to improve their site. This is a great way to learn from other peoples websites and the mistakes they’ve made or improvements they can make to their site.


Also you get access to Outsourcing Magic, which shows you how you can even outsource tasks that will allow you to completely automate your product launch jacking efforts.  Paul explains exactly how he has scaled up his traffic jacking efforts to be able to earn six-figures in profits on complete auto-pilot year in and year out.  To me personally, this one bonus is worth the purchase of The Traffic Jacking Code alone!


So What’s Bad About The Traffic Jacking Code?


Of course, nothing is ever perfect and here’s what I noticed – and no, it’s nothing to do with a The Traffic Jacking Code scam.


There really is a lot of information included into the training area and you need to be patient and sequential about learning the processes and applying the techniques to properly set-up the sites.  You shouldn’t  get to concerned though, after you set-up your first one or two product launch jacking mini-sites you’ll be able to scale things up rather quickly and that’s when you can go back to the members area and start to learn more advanced things.


So What’s Good About The Traffic Jacking Code?


This is just a few of the good things about the program.


This is easy, the step by step video’s are amazing.  I was able to make my first Traffic Jacking site right after watching the videos.  They are that good, even for a newbie like me. I’ve never seen a video training so painstakingly detailed that they literally take you through every step of making a site.


No previous website development is required. I’m living proof of that! Before I became a member I’d never built a website or knew anything about keywords or SEO Internet Marketing for that matter but after watching Paul Birdsalls video’s I can easily pump out 2 product launch jacking mini-sites a day.


Plus, it comes with a ‘Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee’.  Here’s how it works (in Paul Birdsall’s EXACT words!)…

Traffic Jacking Guarantee

Click here here to visit The Traffic Jacking Code official website


So, What Do I Think About The Traffic Jacking Code?


Yes!!!  Better and faster than I really expected to be honest with everyone.  Below you will find my detailed process of how it has worked for me.  I wanted to share an honest, detailed and most importantly give all me readers a realistic idea of how long it takes to start seeing you first money.


•             Bought The Traffic Jacking Code January 10th, 2014 (as a beta tester)

•             Watched all the main videos January 10th, 2014.

•             Choose a recently launched product to target based on The Traffic Jacking Code criteria.

•             Picked an affiliate product that met the Traffic Jacking Code criteria. (free)

•             Purchased my first Traffic Jacking domain based on Traffic Jacking Code criteria Jan 11th, 2014.

•             Installed WordPress on Jan 11th, 2014 exactly how Paul Birdsall recommends. (free)

•             Outsourced and posted first blog post for website Jan 12th, 2014. ($2.50)

•             Indexed by Google on page one within 24 hrs.

•             Posted 2nd and 3rd blog posts for website on Jan 13th and 14th, 2014 based on The Traffic Jacking Code criteria. ($2.50 + $2.50 = $5.00)

•             Ranked 4th for main keyword on Google page one within 48 hrs of these posts.

•             Posted last post for website, utilizing Paul’s Traffic Jacking techniques on Jan 16th, 2014.

•             Ranked #1 on page one of GOOGLE on Jan 17th, 2014.

•             Slid from 1st place to 3rd place and back to 1st place for main keyword for a few days.

Traffic_Jacking_Success•             FIRST SALE!!! – Jan 18th, 2014.

•             SECOND & THIRD SALES!!! – Jan 21st, 2014.

•             ****UPDATE Jan 29th, 2014 – I have made a total 7 sales from my original Traffic Jacking Code site for a total commission of $246.75! Plus, I’ve made 3 more sales already from my second product launch jacking site I created between Jan 16th-18th!!!

***** UPDATE March 3, 2014 – Over $787 in commissions from selling other peoples products at Clickbank!

Bottom line – The Traffic Jacking Code really works!!!  So there’s no doubt in my mind that the system works and it can work for anyone because I have no prior experience as a webmaster nor do I have an IT background.


One of the other great things about the program is that you can do it part time like I do. Other programs I’ve tried are difficult to do part time and require a lot more of your attention and focus. This is truly one of the only products I know that you can do part time and once you’ve got the site set-up it will continue to generate income while you’re at work or asleep.


My dream has always been to make money working from home and with this system it’s becoming a reality as the sites I’ve set-up are continuing to generate more and more income every month. I never thought it would be this easy to make money at home online.


Once you get past the sales page and become a member you’ll see that there is a very professional and user friendly members area packed with excellent videos and monthly webinars. Their membership site is the most comprehensive and user friendly that I’ve ever seen and used, and I’m a member of quite a few other programs.


I really enjoy making websites with the system because it’s very easy to do. So if you’re looking to make extra money online go ahead and click the link below with confidence that you’ll be able to make your own website and make extra money with the potential to earn a full time income sooner than you think. You won’t regret it!


Click here to visit The Traffic Jacking Code website


All My Best,


Sandy Sauve

How to Dominate Product Launch Jacking With Paul Birdsall’s The Traffic Jacking Code

Have you ever heard of the free online marketing strategy, product launch jacking before?  Well, if you are an online marketer and want free and instant traffic to your website or affiliate links you need to learn more about product launch jacking (or like some like to call ‘traffic jacking’).  Paul Birdsall’s new internet marketing training course called The Traffic Jacking Code promises to teach anyone how to master this free website traffic marketing strategy.


The Traffic Jacking CodeClick here to visit The Traffic Jacking Code official website!

As an online business owner, you want a way to get people to your site to purchase your goods and services. If you can’t get them to your website, you aren’t going to be able to secure the sale. For many people, they either don’t have the money or the time to worry about getting people to visit their site. They want something simple, efficient and cost-effective. Spending a fortune just isn’t part of the picture right now. If you are tired of looking for a way to get traffic to your website at a price you can afford, you should start product launch jacking as soon as you can.


So, what exactly is product launch jacking anyways, right?  Traffic jacking is simply identifying online products that are about to be launched (or have just launch recently like in the past few days.) so you can instantly benefit from all the buzz and FREE web traffic to build subscribers and/or earn affiliate commissions off of that product or a similar one’s you choose to offer.


There is simply no faster method to getting unlimited amounts of free targeted website traffic than it is by using the product launch jacking marketing strategy.  But, does it really work?  Well according to Paul Birdsall the creator of the soon to be released The Traffic Jacking Code he has been generating 10,000’s of website visitors every month for years and $100,000’s in affiliate commissions using this product launch jacking strategy.  I will be getting a sneak peek at The Traffic Jacking Code prior to its release and will update this blog with my full review and recommendation on Paul Birdsall’s traffic jacking strategies.


All My Best,

Sandy Sauve

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Will The Traffic Jacking Code Really Generate Free Instant Web Visitors?

Paul Birdsall

Paul Birdsall

I’m sure you are here for more details about Paul Birdsall’s newest training course and my The Traffic Jacking Code Review.  And I will be posting them soon.  But, I would like to share some insight on product launch jacking and how it might help you.


Click here to go to The Traffic Jacking Code website


Many will agree that it is a fact that more often than not, one of the most challenging and costly aspect that determines one’s true success in having success online, is the amount of quality traffic to one’s website. Experienced online entrepreneurs or internet marketers like Paul Birdsall, are already aware of the exorbitant costs of online traffic and how fast they can run up one’s marketing budget; however, with the idea of product launch jacking, one need not have to worry about these prohibitive costs at all.  And if The Traffic Jacking Code is going to be as awesome as I think it might, people will be able to get instant free traffic for life.


There are very successful entrepreneurs who have managed to effectively use this free marketing strategy to gain instant website traffic again and again as they lock in the profits each time without any hassle at all. And once Paul Birdsall provides me more details, I will be providing you The Traffic Jacking Code Review.  Product launch jacking generally involves taking advantage of the expected traffic for an upcoming or brand new product launch, in order to earn affiliate commissions off of that very product, or a similar one that one may desire to promote or sell. This free marketing strategy has been tried, tested and proven to work all the time.


One can do this successfully by setting up a website and using a domain name that is similar but not identical to the domain name of the new product, and a few special techniques to out rank other marketers.  The Traffic Jacking code course by Paul Birdsall is supposedly will reveal every technique he has used to generate free traffic by traffic jacking. The Traffic Jacking Code Review site will provide my breakdown if that claim is try and does in fact work as well has Mr. Birdsall suggests it will.


In fact, this method has worked quite well for many internet marketers who seize the opportunity to offer additional information about the product to the information-hungry market when they really need it the most.  Also, by creating and optimizing a new website likened to the new product being launched, one greatly increases their chances of getting higher rankings on the search engines right from the beginning.  Check back here at The Traffic Jacking Code Review blog for my review real soon.


All My Best,

Sandy Sauve

What Is The Traffic Jacking Code Review Website?

The Traffic Jacking Code Review is a website designed to do just one thing.  Give you information on the effectiveness of the product launch jacking marketing strategy and an unbiased review on Paul Birdsall’s product called The Traffic Jacking Code which is due for release in February.  This site will be focused on that launch and detailing our insider review for it.


Click here to check out the official The Traffic Jacking Code site


Paul Birdsall is an extremely successful online marketer over the past 14+ years.  The Traffic Jacking Code Review website will be focused entirely on providing information on the product launch jacking strategy and EXACTLY what’s going on with this upcoming product launch. This launch will most likely cause a buzz in the online marketing world with people looking for answers and more information about the products claims.


I’ve learned personally from Paul Birdsall as one of his students and I’ll be sharing some of the insider information that I will be getting over the next little while leading up to the release of the product.  My hope is to help my readers decide whether product launch jacking and if The Traffic Jacking Code will be right for them to dominate this strategy.


I’ll be back with more details soon, so make sure to bookmark this website The Traffic Jacking Code Review so you can check back frequently.


Sandy SauveAll My Best,

Sandy Sauve